Better Cotton Initiative

At US Denim “Sustainable Innovation” takes centre stage when it comes to Product Development initiatives. Over the years the company has put in relentless efforts to make sustainable denim commercially viable and has developed a reliable supply chain that can produce any fabric under any sustainable initiative (organic, BCI, recycled, Fair-trade etc). This whole concept of sustainability is run under a special fabric collection we call, “Green Ego”. Fabrics made from Better Cotton are part of our Green Ego initiative.

We believe BCI or Better Cotton initiative holds great promise for sustainable production of cotton across the world. It is an idea to bring good farming practices to cotton producing countries and to promote a special collaboration amongst the farmers of the region to share these practices with each other. So, with lesser inputs a farmer is able to gain better output. This results in lesser harmful impact on the environment and better livelihood for the farmer communities, a Win-Win situation.

  1. Increased income for farmers
  2. No premium on cotton prices throughout the supply Chain
  3. No specific storage and documentation requirements unlike Organic and Fairtrade

give BCI a relatively higher potential to grow amongst all sustainable initiatives related to cotton.

Staying true to our commitment we sourced 12% BCI cotton for our total production in year 2012 which was quite high for a denim producer around the Globe, and we are not looking back. In future we want to take this figure to 30% by 2017.

Promoting BCI at PV Shanghai 2013

We have made considerable efforts to build confidence of all the stakeholders in the supply chain of Better Cotton. We rallied with BCI in organizing events in Pakistan, inviting spinners and ginners used our goodwill and bargaining power to persuade our suppliers and suppliers of suppliers to get registered BCI. This has bore fruits in two ways:

  1. Increased the availability of raw material and
  2. Brought transparency to the system.

Promoting BCI at PV Paris, 2013

We have been promoting BCI in international Denim Exhibitions such as Denim by Premier Vision, through our booths, both in Europe and Asia and we continue to do so. Even in PV Shanghai we got our banners translated in Chinese so the locals could better understand BCI and its benefits. We believe that the sustainability of Textiles is dependent on sustainable textile production, through the supply chain, and for that every stakeholder has to play its role.

Chinese version of Poster promoting BCI at PV Shanghai, 2013

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