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Everything your sustainable denim fashion demands. If you don’t find it on our website, ask us to invent it for you.

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Capture Authentic

AW 2019-20

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Color Story

AW 2019-20

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Denim Stories

SS 2019

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Alternative fibers & organics

Organic Cotton

Natural and pesticide-free – your choice to keep cotton farming clean and healthy. Choose 100% or blended yarns.

Recycled and Upcycled

New ways to lighten denim’s footprint. Pre-and post-consumer fibre. Or upcycled plastics, agri-products and more.


Strong wet or dry, soft, absorbent and wrinkle-resistant. Good drape, easily dyed and available with texturing.


Selvedge X

US Denim partners with INVISTA to create SelvedgeX high-tech authentic selvedge while adding the comfort and performance the market now demands.

Surprise Natural Fiber

First-ever DuvetDenimTMrevealed at Kingpins Amsterdam among collection that weaves new capabilities into authentic denim spirit.


IMPRESSIONS... Skulk Serengeti, Pounce Serengeti, Posy Rose Garden, Dawn Rose Garden, Blush Rose Garden, Prowl Serengeti, Brawn Serengeti.

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