Fashion-Focused Leadership

US Denim is a key company in the US Group, a family-owned business with current sales of 350 million dollars a year, now employing 16.000 workers.

Our history and experience in the fashion business goes back to 1976 when two friends started in apparel trading to finance their educations. Javed Bhatti is now US Group Chairman and Mian Ahsan is now US Group CEO.

Denim Driven

Then, just over 10 years ago, we made the strategic choice to specialize in denim, and built the most modern denim manufacturing facility possible.

We designed our plant and operations to give the best brands everything they could demand in fashion denim, and to deliver that value reliably.

Ever since, we’ve kept our technology and machinery up to state of the art, investing in the best tools and bringing in industry experts to transfer the latest knowledge

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