Scale and strengths

US Denim is a vertically integrated provider with capacity to produce 24 million meters of fabric annually. Next year we’ll grow to produce almost 40 million meters.

We continue to grow our business by achieving results for our customers.

We’re known for our research, development and innovation strengths – both in our fabric and in our garments production. And for our leadership in sustainable production and use of Fair Trade and organic fiber, etc. Mainly, our customers know us for our reliability and quality.

Value from investment

Our advantages allow us to offer unbeatable value.

At US Denim, we always invest in the best and most modern machinery for efficiency, quality and sustainability, like E-Flow technology – using nano-bubbles for application of washes, dyes and treatments -- enhancing productivity, saving

Certifications, accreditations and registrations.

In good

US Denim develops partnerships with leading brands, working with them to create new fabric possibilities, to explore production alternatives and to constantly improve our quality.

We celebrate the clients who choose to continue inventing their new denim fashions with us. See more about these heroes.

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