Debate Rips Denim Seasons

Debate Rips Denim Seasons

Munich show challenges collections
created for dates, not demographics

AW-SS awesome? Consumer groupings greater?

It’s not beginning with #MunichFabricStart (MFS), but the show’s #Bluezone next week is raising the discussion about how other approaches can take “Denim Beyond Seasons.”

#Denim producers have been asked to supply collections that are not tied to the season, but aimed at eight demographics as defined by the MFS Bluezone organizers.

#MFS might be stirring it up because their show is too late for fresh AW announcements yet before SS news. But still, their challenge is pushing the denim business to re-consider the seasonal cycle.

Munique Magazine will be featuring the debate, and it’s already being explored in jeans blogs like denimhunters.

Pakistan’s leading producer, the #USGroup, is responding with a collection at Munich Fabric Start’s Bluezone that emphasizes innovation for timeless authenticity. But key directors see the competing pressures on collection assembly.

“We like to present the textiles we’re developing,” says Sohaib Bhatti. “Usually we have to make that collection fit the season.”

“Seasonal shows give us a schedule, and lets producers compete to that benchmark,” says Mian Usman. “And we can showcase our innovations within that framework.”

As the US Group’s denim directors, they agree their collections will continue to be driven by how technologies can deliver key styles with new benefits major markets are likely to appreciate.

Munich Fabric Start is Sept. 5 to 7.  Its “Bluezone” is an independent display of denim in the historic Zenith culture hall at the south end of the massive convention site. The Bluezone theme is “Infinite – Denim Beyond Season.”

Key demographics the show is identifying:

  • MANAGERS - The Casual Friday Issue
  • GREENPEACE - The Best Way for our Future
  • WANDERLUST - Living & Travelling in the Country-Side BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE DENIM - A Body Conscious Community
  • SPORTS ILLUSTRATED - Celebrate your Personal Performance
  • HERITAGE POST - Modern Artisan Magazine
  • VOGUE - The Fashionistas Mag
  • VICE - The Addiction to the Cutting Edge of Living

The US Group’s booth “Denim Discovery: Invent Authentic” is in Bluezone C-31, with a creative display of #fashion directions… under a jeans weathervane.

Among issues and ideas being debated about season-free denim:

  • Consumer demand becoming more important than industry supply, with social media amplifying that power.
  • The example of sustainability as a consumer driver.
  • Seasonal weather in different regions promoting different denim weights and colors.
  • General fashion seasonal trends affecting jeans design.
  • The need for focus on longer term goals.
  • How changes could affect buying and stocking.

About US Group

The US Group has been around for more than 40 years, Pakistan's top denim and twill exporter for 20, and at the leading edge of denim technologies for 10.
Its brands -- US Denim Mills for fabrics; US Apparel and #Textiles for garments – are now building on their reputation for reliability to become recognized as pioneers in creating #sustainable and performance fashion #fabrics.

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