Sustainable Fabrics

At US Denim, we’re relentlessly innovating to make sustainable denim commercially viable.

We have developed a reliable supply chain that can produce any fabric under any sustainable initiative (organic, BCI, recycled, Fair-trade etc) and providing denim made with sustainable alternative fibers.

We’re improving the technologies for post-industrial as well as post-consumer denim recycling.

Green Ego Collection

US Denim is also driving transformation of basic fiber sourcing.

This year, more than 30 percent of the cotton we used was Better-Cotton-Initiative certified, creating better conditions for cotton farmers and farmland. Next year, we’re aiming for 60 percent.

In good

US Denim develops partnerships with leading brands, working with them to create new fabric possibilities, to explore production alternatives and to constantly improve our quality.

We celebrate the clients who choose to continue inventing their new denim fashions with us. See more about these heroes.

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