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conserve progress, respect dissent to open your denim paradox locks

Jeans speak a language of community yet lend their voice for individuality. Famous for working hard but celebrated as casual. Constant re-invention for the future is how they honor their past. They’re a paradox more than just a pair of pants.

Authentic is just a matter of being true to what really matters.

Denim is a fashion that can’t help but make statements. Here’s how to help your customers make theirs real:

First, make sure it’s made more authentic – made more environmentally sustainable, with greater social responsibility.

Weave in more ways to make your customer’s world more durable. Authentic denim means jeans that step ahead.

Then, pick a hero and a great time for jeans…

  • Maybe a Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or Marlin Brando rebelling in the ’50s?
  • Perhaps a radical punker or the pure unique sexiness of a Michael, Madonna or Mercury through the ’80s?
  • Or be the hero who creates the definitions of real jeans for the 2020s.

Just be sure to aim for authentic appeal by bringing the best of the past to an even better future.

The kids are now buying the jeans their parents – and grandparents – really wanted!

Finally, find those fabrics:

  • Rigid grows from the roots of denim culture to feature bolder indigo textures and brighter twill line.
  • TrophyFlex has the salt’n’pepper coloring and orange-peel texture that made denim a fashion staple during the 1970s. Elevated with 2020s comfort, shape and fit. Potent stretch with broader color choices and abundant slub possibilities.

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