• HeritEdge

legacy looms revamped to revive new versions of real denim style

Selvedge subtly suggests original – evoking the essence of what all jeans struggle to say.

Few denim mills saw the value in weaving the old way. Fewer still invested in resurrecting that future from the past and then in making those machines work well with modern yarns.

But you can weave your own original selvedge – and include alternative natural and recycled fibers and blends – in our rooms of these state-of-the-art heir-looms.

There are few mills that offer selvedge. We deliver selvedge expertise.

It’s an authentic look. That doesn’t fade away. And it’s coming back again, satisfying the fashion inclination toward authenticity and the consumer demand for the comfort and strengths of modern technology.

And we’re always shopping for more old-school looms.