• GreenSteps

processes and products for brands leading toward jeans sustainability

You want to make your jeans even bigger in the market, while making their environmental footprint smaller.

We want to partner with brands who want to invest in steps that sustain their customers’ environment.

Move ahead: Fiber from even better sources. Processes that use less water, energy and non-renewables, and reduce carbon and pollution. More sustainable dyes and washes from the latest techniques and the best equipment.

When you’re ready to take your next steps in sustainable denim, here are more fabric choices:

  • Alternative natural fibers, more sustainably created, including blends with recycled cotton.
  • Recycled plastic blends and weaves that wick, flex, and/or thermo-protect.
  • Footprint-shrinking options to include recycled denim or jeans in almost any fabric.

All our cotton is Better Cotton Initiative. We’re among the leaders, with thanks to our clients.

With you, we can further expand our supply of the best bottom-wear cotton that’s certified organic, preserving farmland and saving most of the water needed to grow other jeans.