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legacy looms revamped to revive new versions of real denim style

What better than your clothing being adaptive to the weather conditions? Stay protected against weather extremes and microbes. Today’s smart customers need smart products to complement their lifestyles. Our innovative ‘IntelliJeans” collection is tailormade for those who prefer adaptive clothing without compromising on authentic performance and comfort.

  • For this season we are also focusing on the temperature-regulating & thermosensitive denim products which would be much beneficial for wearers against extreme weather conditions.
  • Antimicrobial fibers curated by blending yarns and treating woven fabrics with antimicrobial agents. Such as cottonized hemp, a natural antimicrobial fiber with inbuilt environment friendly properties.
  • Introducing, and our featured product of this season is the workwear collection by the name of STURDENIM. We have used specialized yarns with some new chemical finishes for enduring durability along with unmatchable abrasion resistance, making it ideal for those who want an adventurous denim experience.

Featured products:

TempR Denim

Our forte is our diverse approach which reflects in our collections too. We have something for everyone, this product line focuses on temperature regulating and thermosensitive denim products, made for those living in extreme weather conditions.


With specialized yarns and chemical finishes, we have ensured lasting durability along with super abrasion resistance.